Philosophy and Purpose

Oklahoma Baptist College and Institute (OBC&I) is, first of all, a Christian institution and is, therefore, a spiritual organization. This institution was brought into existence by Windsor Hills Baptist Church.college_logo

Secondly, OBC&I is an educational institution. The pastor, deacons, and membership of Windsor Hills Baptist Church, under the leadership of God’s Holy Spirit, established OBC&I to provide training for Christian young people in four fields: pastoral and related full-time Christian ministerial training, missions, evangelism, and Christian education.

Recognizing the definite need in our nation for more pastors to lead and otherwise aid the rapidly growing fundamentalist movement, OBC&I was born to provide, for those men who are called of God to preach His Word, a high standard of theological training that is characteristically fundamental in nature and evangelical in practice.

Furthermore, seeing that the philosophy and purpose of public education (preschool through university) is primarily secular in nature and humanistic in philosophy, the fundamentalists in our nation have developed an alternative system of education to provide training for their children, which is in keeping with their faith, convictions, and values. Therefore, OBC&I, being a part of the Christian education movement, is primarily spiritual in nature and theistic in philosophy.

The contrast between these two systems is not brought about for critical purposes, but for the purpose of establishing the fact that public education has become both secular and humanistic. Therefore, the fundamentalist Christians of Windsor Hills Baptist Church had no alternative but to recognize the example of fundamentalist Christians throughout this nation and provide a system for training their children which was spiritual in nature and theistic in philosophy.

Knowing that Christian schools can only be properly staffed by those who are in agreement with this basic purpose, principle, and philosophy, it is only natural  that Windsor Hills Baptist Church is determined to make OBC&I not only a theological institution, but also an institution for the training of Christian teachers for Christian schools. Fundamentalism and Christian education are symbiotic in relationship; that is, they are mutually dependent and mutually beneficial.

Most fundamental churches which establish elementary and secondary schools cannot support an institution of higher learning. That fact demands that the larger churches in the fundamentalist movement provide such training and this, under God, is what Windsor Hills Baptist Church and OBC&I are doing. Many fundamental churches are independent (without denominational support or membership) and they are, therefore, without denominational control. Windsor Hills Baptist Church and OBC&I are not only independent of denominational support and control, they are also independent of government (local, state, and federal) support and control.

Finally, the cornerstone of OBC&I’s philosophy under-girding all is Jesus Christ. The centerpiece of our convictions is a person, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life . . . .” (John 14:6)

The compass of our course of action and that which gives purpose and direction in the life of all Christians and Christian institutions is Jesus Christ and His Word, for He is “The Way.” That which clarifies confusion is a knowledge of Jesus Christ and an understanding of His Word for He is “The Truth.” And, that which gives eternal value to the Christian’s efforts and existence is Jesus Christ for He is “The Life.” Since the heart of the philosophy of OBC&I is Jesus Christ and His Word, then it follows that the ultimate purpose of this institution is to train students to seek to do that which will glorify Him.

Therefore, it is basic to our institutional existence and purpose that OBC&I offer its students that which will enable them to understand God’s plan and purpose for this age and where students best fit into that plan.

In summary, the purpose of Windsor Hills Baptist Church in establishing OBC&I is as follows:

1To prepare pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and full-time Christian church workers (secretaries, musicians, youth workers, etc.) with a high standard of Biblical studies fundamental and evangelical in nature.

2 To teach, promote, and defend that body of Biblical truth held by Baptists through the ages. We believe in the inerrant authority of the Scripture as set forth in our doctrinal statement of faith.

3 To train teachers for the Christian schools of our state, region, and nation. The training given these future teachers will be academically sound, historically traditional, politically patriotic, practically evangelical, theologically fundamental, and thus consistent with what is preached from the fundamental pulpits. The philosophic undergirding for OBC&I and its total educational program is the Word of God as found in the Holy Bible.

The yardstick by which OBC&I will measure everything that is taught and practiced is the Word of God. “Consistency, thou art a jewel.” As far as is humanly possible, with the help of God, OBC&I shall strive to keep its teachings consistent with the fundamental interpretation of the Word of God.

Because of the distinctively Christian philosophy and purpose of OBC&I, we do not consider ourselves to be in competition with any school, college, or university which is training people for full-time secular employment. There is no department of OBC&I which seeks to prepare graduates for secular service, state employment, federal government employment, or any other form of secular employment. We believe strongly in letting “the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God.”

Therefore, our theology graduates are prepared to serve God in the independent, fundamental Baptist churches of America, as opposed to those religious denominational churches which are more than willing to abdicate religious liberty to gain government favor. Our education majors will graduate to teach in the fundamentalist, church-centered, independent Christian schools. They understand that, if they ever desire employment in the public educational system, they will need to attend a state institution of higher learning to become certified.

Also, our music majors and secretarial students are preparing for full-time Christian work as musicians, music teachers, and secretaries in independent, fundamental Baptist churches and schools.

Let it never be said by any of our friends or enemies that we have educated or conferred a diploma upon any student who has attended this sacred institution for any other purpose than that which is herein stated: to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as full-time servants of His in the independent, fundamental Baptist church and school movement.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that every person connected with Oklahoma Baptist College and Institute is in agreement with our stated philosophy and purpose.