Student Activities

Christian Service

All students are required to participate in a variety of extra-curricular Christian service activities sponsored by the church and college. These activities are under the direction of and attended by the administration and staff.


Students enrolled in twelve or more hours are required to attend chapel as part of their Christian service responsibilities and as an integral part of their Christian education. Part-time and special students are required to attend chapel on the days when their classes meet. Chapel meets every day and is kept “hot” by the faculty and staff of the college. Many well-known preachers from across the United States and missionaries from around the world come to speak at Oklahoma Baptist College.

Church Membership and Attendance

Students moving to the Oklahoma City area are required to join and attend Windsor Hills Baptist Church. Students coming from churches of like faith and practice within the Oklahoma City area may keep their membership in their home churches and fulfill their Christian service assignments there. One of the most important goals of Oklahoma Baptist College is to impart to its students the enthusiasm for the local church which has characterized the ministry of Windsor Hills Baptist Church.

Dormitory Life

Our dormitories are maintained for students in order to provide economical lodging and to give students a “home away from home.” College policy requires all full-time single students who are under twenty-five years of age and not the head of a household or living with a parent or guardian to live in the dormitory.

Married Students

Students will find that being married and living off campus does not mean being separated from all the activities of the college. Married couples are both permitted and encouraged to participate in as many groups and organizations as they can. Of course, married students have the same chapel, church, and class attendance rules and requirements as do dormitory students.


Oklahoma Baptist College believes that all students should keep physically fit and provides physical education courses and athletic facilities for the students’ benefit and enjoyment.