Financial Assistance

A limited number of merit awards are available. Merit award opportunities are based on the student’s needs, his respective church’s recommendation, the college’s consideration of the student’s application, and the student’s academic progression. Students who receive merit awards will receive the applicable discount from tuition up to 16 hours.

Pastor’s Child Merit Awards

Oklahoma Baptist College provides merit awards to the children of full-time evangelists, pastors, and missionaries. These awards reduce a young lady’s tuition per semester by 50%, and a young man’s by 25%.  Students must apply through the office of the executive vice president each semester, at least one month before registration. If a student is accepted to receive this award and for any reason does not graduate from OBC&I, the student will be responsible to pay back the full amount of the award received for the duration of the time he or she was in college.

Academic Merit Awards

New students graduating at the top of their respective high school classes (minimum of ten students) will receive a 40% tuition discount for their first semester. Students must apply within the first year after high school. Applications must be received by the executive vice-president at least one month before registration.

Ensemble Merit Awards

Each fall, OBC&I students audition for a position in one of the vocal groups. The young ladies (Melody Singers) and young men (Ambassadors) are selected by the administration to represent OBC&I on tour during the summer and receive a monetary award. These awards reduce tuition for one full year by 50%. These awards are applied only after the student has completed the summer tour.

Youth Conference Preacher Boy Merit Awards

At the annual Youth Conference of Windsor Hills Baptist Church, two senior high school division preacher boys are chosen to receive merit awards to attend OBC&I. The first place winner receives a one-time tuition discount of $1000 and the second place winner receives a one-time tuition discount of $500.

Evangelist David Winston Merit Award

Each semester, at the discretion of the president and/or vice president, various students will be chosen to receive a portion of this award. One-third will be awarded to a young man or young lady in any field of study. The remaining two-thirds will be awarded to young men who are studying in the field of Pastoral Theology, Evangelism, or Missions. The students chosen to receive this award must exemplify the spirit of Oklahoma Baptist College’s teaching and preaching in their character and conduct.