Tuition and Fees

Financial Information

Tuition and Room/Board

The registration of a student signifies that a student agrees to fulfill the related financial obligations through the end of the semester in which he is registered. Each student is responsible to pay for his own account. OBC&I take the position that it is a part of the education of the students to allow them the responsibility of handling their own financial commitments. Cash, money orders, and personal checks will be accepted, but cashier’s checks and two-party checks will not be accepted.

Items of Cost Semester Yearly
Tuition (12-16 hours)* $1825.00 $3650.00
Room/Board $1775.00 $3550.00
TOTAL $3600.00 $7200.00
* The tuition for students taking less than 12 hours or more than 16 hours is $155.00 per hour.


Application Fee – A $50.00 application fee must accompany the student’s application for processing to begin. As soon as the application has been accepted, the applicant will be notified. This fee is non-refundable.

Add/Drop Class Fee 20.00
ASL (American Sign Language) Fee 35.00
Computer/Keyboarding Lab Fee 40.00
Course audited, per semester hour 90.00
Dormitory Key Fee (deposit) 10.00
Dormitory Room Fee 100.00
Early or Late Exam Fee 5.00
Early Registration Fee 35.00
Graduation/Reception Fee 200.00
Home Economics Lab Fee per class (Cooking and Sewing) 35.00
Internet (wireless)/Covenant Eyes Fee per semester 40.00
Late Registration Fee 20.00
Missionary Health & Medicine fee 40.00
Parking Sticker Fee per year 15.00 dorm/10.00 non-dorm
Private Lesson – Piano Fee per semester 100.00
Private Lesson – Voice Fee per semester 100.00
Registration/Matriculation Fee per semester 50.00
Return Check Fee 35.00
Science Lab Fee 35.00
Test Out Fee 35.00
Transcript Fee 10.00
Tuition/Dorm Payment Late fee (10 days late per payment) 25.00
Work Shuttle Pass 3.00 each way
Yearbook Fee (per semester) 30.00
Activity Fee 60.00
Estimated cost for textbooks and supplies per semester (this will depend upon your major and class requirements) 400.00

*Does not include books, laboratory, music, science, keyboarding, Deaf ministries, or other classroom fees. Textbooks and supplies are estimated at $400.00 per semester, depending upon the individual student and the classes in which they enroll. This cost is not included in the tuition or room and board. This does not include what an individual may spend on laundry and incidentals for the semester.

All prices/fees are subject to change upon the administration’s decision.