Oklahoma Baptist College & Institute is a ministry of Windsor Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, OK. We are located at 5517 NW 23rd Street, and our phone number is (405) 943-3334.

We are evangelistic and believe that soul winning is near the heart of God. All teachers are required to go soul winning weekly. All students are required to witness for Christ. On-campus students and all staff members participate in the ministry of Windsor Hills Baptist Church. Students who attend their own local church are required to participate fully in their church’s activities.

We are old-fashioned. We sing traditional hymns in God-honoring styles, we have a dress code, and we believe in discipline. We are fundamentalist without apology.

We are separatists. Absolutely no drinking, smoking, dancing, card-playing, movie going, or other questionable activities are allowed. We take a strict stand against the world and apostasy.

Message From Our President

Dear Prospective Student,

Please allow me just a few moments to tell you why you should choose Oklahoma Baptist College as the place where God would have you to train for the ministry. First and foremost, Oklahoma Baptist College is a school for preachers. For over three decades, young men have been training here in the disciplines of sermon preparation and preaching. Pastoral Theology, Missions, and Evangelism majors have the privilege of preparing and preaching three sermons a week, as well as participating in our monthly School of the Prophets. Graduates gain more than just a diploma. They go out equipped with sound doctrine and Biblical preaching experience.


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